Welcome to Granny Square of the Week!


I love granny squares and when I found out that Nadia of Yarnutopia completed a year-long series of granny square video tutorials, I didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge, but with my own little spin–a granny a week instead of one a day.  Whether you do the complete project or just want to try crocheting a granny square or two, this is a great stash buster.

I’m an advanced-beginner crocheter (is that even a thing?) so these squares are far from perfect. My goal for this project is to learn new stitches, practice my skills, and play with color combinations. Some work, some don’t. I’m sharing what I’ve learned from each square, and hopefully you’ll find the information helpful. Feel free to comment and post links to your squares if you’d like.

A fun thing to do while crocheting is to listen to an audiobook. Each granny square post has an audiobook recommendation by some of your favorite authors. Check out these fantastic titles, and happy hooking!

NOTE: I’m not featuring the squares in the same order as Nadia. If you want to follow her project schedule, check out her post here.