Happy Monday everyone! Are y’all still full of turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie? We had a bit of a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner: steak, rice, and carrots. We still had our typical crescent rolls, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie, though. Can’t give those up! 🙂 I hope all of you had a lovely and blessed holiday.

Congratulations to Amy Linderman, who won last week’s giveaway. Now, onto this week’s!

Welcome to my Six Weeks of Giveaways Event! ‘Tis the season of thankfulness and giving, and I feel like doing both. 🙂  Each giveaway will include autographed copies of Written in Love and The Promise of a Letter, plus a different hand crocheted item by yours truly (except for this week’s giveaway).  The Giveaway schedule is as follows:

Week 1:  Nov. 6

Week 2:  Nov. 13

Week 3:  Nov. 20

Week 4.  Nov. 27

Week 5:  Dec. 4

Week 6:  Dec. 11

Week 4’s Giveaway is another gift for the kitchen–a hand crocheted trivet and two flower dish scrubbies, along with copies of Written in Love and The Promise of a Letter.

To enter, click on this LINK, which will take you to the entry form.

Winners will be announced on Monday, Dec 4.  The next contest will also be posted on that day.

Good luck!