Our dog Chief loves a soft blanket. 

A few weeks ago, our local animal shelter had a benefit rummage sale. I dropped off some of my books at the shelter for the sale, and while I was there I asked if they took crochet blankets. I’ve been crocheting small dog blankets since I picked crocheting back up a couple of years ago. I wasn’t sure if our local shelter here in Cabot took them. I was glad to find out they did, but they also had another need: large blankets for the larger dogs.

Crocheting a blanket for a cat or small dog doesn’t take too long but making one for a large dog can be time-consuming. The other issue is making sure the larger blankets for those dogs are going to hold up because bigger dogs need sturdy ones. I didn’t want to leave any dogs out, so I decided to purchase some blankets from Goodwill and donate them.

My daughter Zoie helping me drop off blankets at the Cabot Animal Shelter

For a little over twenty dollars, I was able to get fourteen blankets, which took all of ten minutes to pick out. For fabrics, I chose sturdy ones, mostly fleece. I also picked up a couple of extra-large ones that could be cut down to smaller blankets.

It’s surprising how many blankets I had to choose from at our Goodwill, and I imagine there would be even more in a larger city. I’ll still crochet my smaller ones and donate those, but I’ll also make sure I stop by Goodwill every other month and grab some blankets. All pets like something soft to lie on. 😊

If you want patterns for making blankets and other things for shelter animals, visit comfortforcritters.org.  You’ll find all sorts of patterns and projects on this site to crochet, knit, and sew.

What charity projects are close to your heart?