As I write this, I’m still quarantined, as is most everyone else. Staying inside hasn’t been that much of an adjustment since I work from home, but as an extrovert, I’m getting a little squirrely. Due to autoimmune stuff I have to stay home as much as possible, but I wanted to do something to help other people who were working so hard to take care of the rest of us who need it, and also for people who are at risk. So I decided to sew some masks.

After several days and way more than several tries, I finally finished one.

How does one pose with a mask? I see so many people looking cute in theirs; meanwhile I look a tad nutty in mine. I can also see where I need to snip a tiny thread.

To be honest, making these masks is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I plan to use another pattern, but in the meanwhile I decided to make something more in my wheelhouse: crochet ear savers. What is an ear saver, you ask? It looks like these:

Made with scrap camo Yarn Bee yarn.
Made with Glory by Lorri Helberg from AR Yarn Co.

You loop the elastic from a face mask around each button, and then put the mask over your head. It keeps the elastic from making your ears sore. I was able to make these pretty quickly, although sad to say, my button collection is really slim, thus my odd color choices.

I’m still going to make masks, but I’m also going to continue crocheting these. I ordered some new buttons, too.

How are you spending your quarantine time?