Books & Hooks isn’t just the name of my blog, it’s also the name of my group on Facebook.


Why Books & Hooks? A few years ago I decided to combine my lifelong love of books and writing with my newfound love, crochet (with some crafting, cooking, and encouragement thrown in).

Several years ago I injured my back and to keep myself busy and distracted, I picked up crochet. I had learned how to crochet from my mother and grandmother when I was a child, but I couldn’t do much outside of chaining and making a very crooked scarf. Thanks to Youtube and lots of practice, I was able to learn more than the basics, and I was off and crocheting!

Here’s a shawl I made recently. My youngest daughter Zoie is modeling it.

I started the Books & Hooks group because I wanted a place where I could interact with my readers and they could interact with each other, as if we were meeting up for virtual coffee. The FB group has been around for a year and a half, and we have over 730 members. We also have started featuring other Amish authors who do a “takeover” of the group for a day or two and share about their books, hobbies, and any other fun stuff they want to post. It’s been a great way for authors and readers to meet each other!

I also do giveaways every month (sometimes more than once a month!) in the group. You don’t want to miss those. This is my most recent giveaway: a signed copy of Written in Love and a hand crocheted book sleeve.


If you aren’t a member of Books & Hooks, please check it out and consider joining us! Just click on this link and request membership: