It’s time to reveal the cover of the first book in my new series, Amish Mail Order Brides! Here it is, the cover of A Double Dose of Love!

I LOVE this cover! Of course I say that about all my covers because they are always wonderful, but this one is perfect, and conveys the personalities of the characters in a subtle way. Even though Amanda and Darla, and Zeb and Zeke, are identical twins, they are all very different. How? Well, you’ll just have to find out when the book releases in on January 5, 2021. It’s available for pre-order now. 

Here’s the story info from the back cover:

Prepare for a double dose of romance and fun in this first installment of the Amish Mail-Order Bride series when two sets of twins find love.

Amanda King has a string of broken relationships in her past, so when her identical twin sister, Darla, shows her an ad claiming the community of Birch Creek is teeming with eligible Amish bachelors, she tries to convince Darla men aren’t worth the trouble. But once Darla sets her mind on something, it’s hard to convince the eternally optimistic girl to change her mind. In order to make sure Darla stays out of trouble, Amanda reluctantly agrees to follow Darla to Birch Creek.

Zeb and Zeke Bontrager have always been known as the “handsome twins” in their Amish community. They’ve watched as several of their many siblings have stumbled into love, and they’re not having any of it. Besides, who is there to date in a community severely lacking in young women?

When Amanda and Darla arrive in Birch Creek, all of the carefully laid plans Zeb and Zeke had fly out the window as the four young people learn lessons about love, betrayal, and faith in this first installment of the Amish Mail-Order Bride series.