I have a small bookshelf full of crochet books. Today I’m spotlighting one of them: Simply Adorable Crochet.

A friend of mine was so kind to send me this book a few years ago when I started crocheting for therapy and sharing my finished projects on social media. This book lives up to its name: the projects are adorable!

There are 40 amigurumi projects in this book. Amigurumi are crocheted or knitted objects that represent real items, such as food or animals, and are usually toys. These patterns can be stitched up and used as toys or decorations. I’ve made a few amigurumi objects before, but not from this book. I need more practice to accomplish the ones here, and that’s on my never ending to-do list. I can knock out a doily in record time, but when it comes to amigurumi I struggle.

You can find Simply Adorable Crochet on Amazon. If you know of another place to purchase it, please let me know in the comments.

Question: Have you ever crocheted or knit amigurumi before (or any kind of toy)? Let me know in the comments.