Last year was a busy writing year for me. I wrote 8 ½ books total! (I finished the other half of the book in January). This year I won’t be writing that many books, but I am working on a few.

This month I’m working on the edits for Much Ado About a Latte (A Maple Falls Romance) I’ll have a cover reveal for that book coming up soon.

Pre-order Hooked on You (A Maple Falls Romance)

Hooked on You releases on May 11, 2021

I’m also going through the typeset pages (also called galleys) for Matched and Married. This is the part in the process where I read the manuscript for the last time and check for errors, write the Discussion Questions at the end of the book, and write the Dedication and Acknowledgements. Sometimes the questions are easy for me to write (As a teacher, I’ve had a lot of practice!) but other times it’s difficult. I haven’t gotten to that point in the process yet as of this post—hopefully they will be easy!

Pre-order Matched and Married, an Amish Mail Order Bride Romance!

Matched and Married releases September 7, 2021

Once I’m finished with the Much Ado edits and the Matched galleys, I’ll move back to writing the third book in the Amish Mail Order Bride series, titled Love in Plain Sight. The cover isn’t finished yet but as soon as it is, I’ll do a cover reveal post.

I have several books releasing this year. Check out my BOOKS page for more information.